What’s new on instagram:THREAD APP

Whatsapp application is everyone’s favourite . This app is used by about 1.5 billion people around the world . There are over 220 million  active users . It is also one of the most used application in India . This application offers texting , voice and video calling .

Your closer friends on Instagram will be happy with this new feature of the app. Now you can have a separate messaging app called thread messaging app for your selected close friends. With this one can snd msg, emojis and pics only to those on the close friends list.,others cannot view it. The app is opened by default app through which camera is statred up and there u will find shortcuts for people on close friends list. Adding or removing close friends list is very easy and its in the option of app.

The interesting feature of this app is auto status update. It allows you to spot the location, battery level,network availability.. Now your best friends will know whn u hangout.. No need to worry this feature is quiet optional. How is this new trend from Instagram. Its somewhat similar to snapchat… Anyhow its ratings will be soon known and the trend setters are excited on this new feature..

Instagram is trying to make you feel more happy with it by introducing features all these years. Thread app will make you connection with your close friends more close. Thread app is a standalone messaging app which is very speed.