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1690sq ft Dream Home 

This 1690 sq ft house is designed in contemporary tropical style . This House is equipped with formal living , family living , kitchen , upper living  and three bedrooms . There is a open balcony . The interior of the house is in semi…


1540 sq ft elegant home plan 

This 1540 sq ft facility includes sit-out , formal living , dining , kitchen , work area and three bedrooms . Upon opening the door we first see living room . Living room is decorated with L shaped sofa. The staircase ascends to the upper…


ANT Audio Wave 702 

ANT Audio Wave 702 Review  If you’re willing to pay more, it’s very clear that the headphones or earphones you can buy are the best. But, not everyone has the budget to buy an expensive product. Fortuitously, here is an amazing earphone with the price…


Dream house in modest budget 

This charming 1005 sq ft house was built on a modest budget with spectacular view . The designer beautifully designed this house as a three bedroom home for a small family . The house plan is prepared with perfect planning . The space of the…


Dream house in 1358 sq ft 

The owner wanted to have four bedroom house with all amenities in mind  within a small space . The ground floor consists of 2 bedroom , one common toilet, dining hall, balcony and open terrace. The dining hall is designed well and decorated using pebble…


Elegant 2500 Sq ft house 

This  house was built in  2550 sq ft. The house was provided with courtyard natural stone spread out, plant and lawns. This house is a mix of contemporary  and kerala style design . The  house comprises of porch, sit out, formal living , family living…