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Samsung galaxy tab S6 

Samsung galaxy tab S6 The latest technology news from the world’s most popular brand is launching of the new tab series Samsung galaxy tab S6. The company has announced its release on July, launched on August in most of the countries including India. The tab…


Avocados for babies 

Avocados for babies Parents are always confused about the healthy diet for the baby. One of the best and healthy food for your baby is Avocado. Avocado is a healthy and nutritious fruit. It is commonly available nowadays. Why you can choose Avocado for your…


Nokia 2720 to come soon 

Nokia 2720  Expected Price And Specifications. Nokia always prefers the best for their customers, and now they are set to launch their new edition phone Nokia 2720 .  The company has scheduled its new phone by early october. If you have gone through its teasers,…