Nokia has reduced the price of Ozo virtual reality camera by 25% from its initial price. Earlier price was $60,000 which probably displeased its marketing, so Nokia decided to cut off its price. The spherical camera features light sensors and microphones. Nokia has tested the Ozo’s capability to capture VR video of astronauts in immersion pools at NASA’s Houston base. Ozo camera is also set to capture aerial footage when mounted to a drone.

The spherical camera is designed for making 3D movies and games that can be watched and played with virtual reality headsets. Nokia has partnered with Deluxe to provide a high quality post production services for one Ozo VR content which includes editorial, color and stitching. With the new price, the ozo virtual reality camera is going to be a huge hit in the market, since first time a dedicated camera has been developed.

Nokia which was once a dominant phone business that has been sold to Microsoft in 2014 is back in a big way. The company is also now planning its expansion in to china with a partnership with LeVR. Chinese customer can order Ozo from September and expects its shipment by October.