Follow These Steps And Your Phone Youtube Will Be Safe For Your Kids!
Anyways, it is not preferable to give the phone to your kids. But, sometimes the parents may be helpless to control their kids from accessing their Phone. Most probably kids are liked to watch videos, and they choose their favorites from lists. Here explaining how to avoid the unwanted contents from the phone YouTube for your kids. Explaining a useful tip for you and do it, then the phone YouTube will be safe for your kids.

YouTube, is an extremely popular application where the children, teen, and adults are reaching to find out interesting videos. So for kids, there is a chance of getting unwanted video suggestion which they should not allow seeing. Considering all these troubles YouTube has introduced a Kids Version which is specially created for the kids.

The YouTube kids version has many good features and that allow the parents to decide what their children want to see.  Youtube has some videos which may contain adult content or violence which we should hide from the kids’ eyes. But with the common application, it will not be secure, but the Kids YouTube can promise you about the security. For that, you should make some changes in the settings to ensure that objectionable videos will not appear in the Kids App. Also, put pass-code to access the settings page otherwise your kids can make the changes over there.

How To access Kids YouTube? 

To open the Kids app go to the Google Play store and search for the YouTube Kids, you can download it. When the downloading will be over then open the application. The application will ask you to enter the birth year, you can write down the parent birth year. After that sign in with the Google Account, then fill the other details asking. Then tap to the “search off” button which will stop the video searching option. You can choose the content fo your kids, includes with studies, entertainments, and games, etc.