13393496_1022654291103677_237699344_nstate the essentials of a good business letter .Discuss with illustration the different parts of a business letter?

Good business correspondence is vital to the success of a business.It is essential to start and maintain a business.It performs the
functions like placing orders for goods,soliciting enquiries,applying for or granting credit,requsting for settlement of dues etc.Business
letter is the simplest,cheapest and yet the most important means used by a business firm to keep in to touch with the others.

A good business letter will surely wins the heart of the reader.A bad one may spoil the game.It is essential to take all care will drafting
a business letter.Here,are some tips.

1.While drafting a letter we must think from the point of view of the reader.This helps in assessing what effect the letter would create on
2.Right tone Should be adopted to appeal to the customer.
3.Avoid using decorative adjectives.Write naturally and sincerly.
4.Write precisly to the point.Do not leave the reader guessing between the lines.
5.Answer your letter on the day you receive it or at a earlist.
6.Using active sentences make the letter more effective.

A business letter represents a firm.Hence it should be drafted neatly.A business letter can have the following parts:

1.Heading which displays the name,address,telephone numbers of the firm.Usually letterheads are used.
2.The data which helps quick reference in future.
3.Solution which provides proper opening of the letter.
4.Complementary close,signature and designation provide proper ending to the letter.
5.Refernce initials or the initials of the person who typed the letter may be mentioned.
6.Carbon copy notation,mailing notation are other parts.