Avocados for babies

Parents are always confused about the healthy diet for the baby. One of the best and healthy food for your baby is Avocado. Avocado is a healthy and nutritious fruit. It is commonly available nowadays. Why you can choose Avocado for your baby The fruit is rich in mono saturated fatty acid that is good for the mental and physical health of growing child.

The fatty acids are very safe for the heart and so no need to worry about the high fat content of the fruit. Avocados are rich in minerals vitamins and elements that is essential for child development. These nutrients make it a good Antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent.

It is also good for skin and also maintains the liver health. So it can be given to those who are in recovery from hepatitis. How to give Avocado for baby It is very easy to feed the baby. You can give it as a finger food by slicing. Feed as puree by separating the flesh from skin, mash it with fork or blender to make smooth paste. Add water or milk to get desired consistency.

You can also give it by mixing with other fruits. For a diversifying taste. Start feeding your child with healthy, fresh and nutritious foods. Include vegetables and fruits in the daily diet chart of your baby.