Whatsapp application is everyone’s favourite . This app is used by about 1.5 billion people around the world . There are over 220 million  active users . It is also one of the most used application in India . This application offers texting , voice and video calling .

It was a tough year for instant messaging since it came under scrutiny for spreading fake information. The addition of new features on the application makes the chatting experience better . The four features that will be launched by whatsapp are

Dark mode

This mode is useful to save the battery life . It is better for the night use . This feature of whatsapp is everyone expecting . This Feature has been in the news for almost a year now. Even fb messenger  have this dark mode feature . whatsapp will switch from its default green colour  to a darker greyish colour .

Quick Edit Media 

This feature enables the user to edit the picture you already sent to the other user. If you already sent the image and later if you feel like editing the image , you can do it in the message itself . ‘Quick edit media ‘ icon is available along with photo and video message in some beta version .

Permanent forwarder 

WhatsApp will label by default as frequent forwarder for those who sends you forwarded messages frequently . This Features also restricts  the number of forward message you can send. The user can only send up to five  forwarded messages in a day.

QR Code 

Already many of the other apps have this feature . This app allows you to include  someone’s  account  in to your contact by just scanning the  QR Code.