Types of security attacks

cyber_threatsNetworks are vulnerable to various security attacks and some of the common attacks are Deniial of Service (DOS), Sniffing, Spoofing.

Denial of Service: The denial of service brings the network into state in which it no longer can carry legitmate data of users. Denial of Service can be prevented using three levels of protection.

  • Clear-text protection
  • cryptographic checksum
  • encryption

Sniffing use a network interface to recieve data which is intended to be recieved by other machines on the networks. Sniffing leads to leakage of several kinds of informations. Sniffing can be prevented by deploying the devices in a appropriate configuration. Employing a zero knowledge authentication technique is another way toprotect sniffing based attacks.

Spoofing is a technique in which attacker tries to guess or assume the identity of another user or system. Spoofing can be done in many ways.The coomon types of attacks are

  • ARP spoofing
  • IP spoofing
  • DNS spoofing.