Sony A6500 flagship mirrorless camera

sony-a6500-865x505Sony announced the A6500. It is one of the best mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras in the market. The A6500 has 5-axis optical image stabilization, touchscreen support and faster image processing speeds.

The camera will go on sale by third week of December for a price of Rs. 1, 19, 990. The A6500 borrows many of of the features which have been already tested like 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, 425 PDAF points, 11fps burst shooting, 4K video, silent shooting, Eye-AF etc.

The camera features Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth for pairing with a smartphone . You can use the Play Memories Android and iOS app to copy pictures and video to your device and also use phone as a remote view finder. Biggest feature is 5 axis image stabilization and a touchscreen LCD.