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Types of security attacks

Networks are vulnerable to various security attacks and some of the common attacks are Deniial of Service (DOS), Sniffing, Spoofing. Denial of Service: The denial of service brings
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Benefits of E-commerce

The emegence of the internet asa public network which connects millions of people has created a new interactive market for buying and selling. E-commerce is nothing but a
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Obi Worldphone SF1

The Obi Worldphone SF1 features a 5 inch touchscreen with 1080 pixel resolution with Gorilla glass protection. The smartphone runs on Android 5.0.2. The phone measures 146 x
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14.1 inch laptop for Rs9,999

14.1 inch (HD (1366X768 pixels) LED-backlit) screen sized laptop just for Rs9,999. RDP Workstations Private Limited ,Hyderbad Company launched this laptop named “thinbook”. The main difference from other
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