Benefits of E-commerce

benefits-of-ecommerceThe emegence of the internet asa public network which connects millions of people has created a new interactive market for buying and selling. E-commerce is nothing but a capability to buy and sells goods, information and services via public network.

The five elements in E-Commerce are Information Exchange, Contract and order, shipment and payment,customer service and Marketing. E-commerce helps to reach a wider market segment only thing you need to have is an working internet connection. Distance donot matter in carrying out the trade and you can reach the customers from all over the world anytime.

The most important featureof E-commerce is availability of items 24 hours a days, 7 days a week and 365 daysa year. Setting upof E-commerce business is cheaper compared to setting up a building having brick andmortar retailoutlet. Customers are slso benifited with the E-commerce, noe they have wide choices.